The Miina Sillanpää Foundation was founded in 1965. It organises, promotes and supports:

  • rehabilitation services for working-age and elderly populations
  • residential and other services for elderly people
  • research and development that promote public health care.


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The Miina Sillanpää Foundation itself is a non-profit organisation. The companies owned by the Foundation provide care, rehabilitation and well-being services for adults. Avire Ltd. provides services on promoting well-being and work ability and Wilhelmiina Services Ltd. offers homes, rehabilitation and other services for elderly people.




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  • We respect people.
  • We aim at enhancing your well-being.
  • Together we can make it.
  • We are innovative.






SH35 Muistiluuri uutinen Kuntoutuksen kehittäminenThe Miina Sillanpää Foundation is an innovator in its sector through improving rehabilitation and other services for both the working-age population and elderly people. The research and development are based on proactive operations as well as multiprofessional cooperation and co-creation. The R&D is mainly applied research with results and products that can be utilized directly across the country. The R&D also receive outside project funding.


The Miina Sillanpää Foundation’s research and development focus on:

  • well-being
  • rehabilitation
  • home and the environment.

The Foundation is engaged in long term research and development in order to enhance social participation, and promote health, well-being and quality of life. The R&D stems from the needs of working-age people and elderly population and therefore seeks practical models and solutions, that are implemented nation-wide.




Miina 350Miina Sillanpää (4 June 1866 – 3 April 1952) dedicated her life to campaigning for a wide range of social issues. Miina Sillanpää’s first jobs were as a factory worker and domestic servant. She later worked actively towards improving servants’ rights and working conditions.
Miina Sillanpää was a member of the Finnish Parliament for a total of 38 years, and she was the country’s first female minister. As a member of the Parliament and the Minister for Social Affairs, her focus was particularly on the social circumstances of children, families, elderly people and domestic servants.
The Miina Sillanpää Foundation was founded in 1965 after the Helsinki Domestic Servants’ Association donated its assets to the Foundation.